Michaela Romulo

Mica Romulo is a freelance dancer and choreographer based in the Boston – NYC area. Originally from Manila, Philippines where she was classically trained in ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, and folk dance. She got her professional start teaching children’s ballet and jazz classes around various studios in the city. In 2016, she was hired by De La Salle University as the trainer for the La Salle Dance Company – Folk and produced and choreographed their concert, “Tala”. In the same year, she became a member of Hotlegs Dance Company, Manila’s premier commercial jazz dance company and performed on various TV appearances, concerts, and corporate shows. In 2017, she formed the Dance Collective together with a group of independent dance artists in Manila and produced and choreographed the show “DancExchange” for Manila’s Fringe Festival. With a strong desire to keep learning and developing herself as an artist, she moved to NYC and trained at Broadway Dance Center upon acceptance to their training program in 2017. Since then she has appeared on stage in works by Sheila Barker, Michelle Barber, Paul Alan Brown-Lombardi, Julia Kane , DoubleTake Dance Co., and walked and danced the runway during NY Fashion week. She is currently part of the project based dance company Alpas Dance (founded by Mica Butnar and Alicia Kee) and appeared in their premier dance film, “Rise Up”.  In the fall of 2020 she choreographed, and directed her first dance film, “To Be Free”. This is her first season with 40 Steps Dance and is grateful and looking forward to all our upcoming performances in 2022.