Cynthia (Thia) Wirling

Cynthia (Thia) Wirling was born and grew up in Beverly, MA. She started dancing at age 5 in 2007, taking Ballet lessons at her local YMCA. She fell in love with dance as an artform, and explored different styles as she got older, including Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Tap. In 2015 she began competitive dance, performing at competitions such as Step Up 2 Dance, Dance Ovations, American Dance Awards, Starquest, etc. When not dancing, Thia can usually be found curled up with a pencil and her sketchbook. She is currently an Art and Design student at Northern Essex Community College, hoping to pursue a career as a concept artist or character designer. Thia is very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Forty Steps’ 30th Anniversary Concert, and dance alongside such talented, passionate individuals.