photo: Alysen

Alysen Vilhena

Alysen is from Florence, Oregon where she took ballet and danced in local productions. In college, she danced with the student-run company Penn Ballet for four years. Since relocating to the Boston area, she has performed in various productions including Across the Ages Dance Project, Tiny & Short: A drop in the Bucket, The Festival of You, Us, We, and Them, and OnStage Dance Company’s Season 13 performance. In addition to performing, Alysen was also selected as a resident choreographer for OnStage Dance Company in January 2017. During her residency, Alysen choreographed a disco-era piece.

When not dancing, Alysen works in business operations and enjoys yoga, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Alysen joined Forty Steps Dance in 2017.