Forty Steps Dance welcomes back previous dancers for 25th Anniversary Concert

A note from our Artistic Director to all previous members of Forty Steps Dance:

This is a milestone year for all of us who have been part of Forty Steps Dance! I invite you to come celebrate our 25th season to watch and/or dance/perform with us in some way this March! Our annual performance is scheduled for Saturday, March 24, 2018 at Nahant Town Hall. Please plan to come as our guest, or better yet join in the evening performance with us. You can easily participate in the finale that will include all of the Forty Steps Dancers I can gather!

If you are able to save the date, we would love for you to participate.

I am SO excited and hope to connect with many of you once again! Thank you for your contribution in getting us to our 25th Season!


Sallee Slagle
Artistic Director, Forty Steps Dance

If you are interested, please contact Sallee at Also, if you would like to stay in touch, fill out our contact form.

Call for Dancers

“Spirits,” Annual Spring Concert, April 2016. Photo: Robert Castagna

Forty Steps Dance modern dance company is looking for male and female dancers with strong dance background, or strong desire to learn. Summer and fall concerts scheduled.

Rehearsals are Saturdays in Nahant.

(Transportation coordination help available.)

Call or email Sallee to schedule audition:

Please share!

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